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NATCA -Talkin' Tokens Auction

email bids to :  auction closes 6pm on 16th of month, include your NATCA number, name and mailing address with your bids


B1. Ed Finn’s / 214 Main St./ Ft. Worth. // Good For / 2 ˝˘ / In Trade - A-Oct-26mm, XF

B2. Boot’s Place/ Simpson Bros./ 1105 / Main St./ Ft. Worth, Texas.// GF 12˝˘ IM- B-R-25, VF

B3. GF 1 Drink at the Parlor/ El Paso,/ Tex./ (bldg)/ Old Church built-1618/ Juarez. Mex. // El Paso Court House (building) - A-R-33mm, XF

B4. Palace Saloon / Schulenburg/ Texas // Good for / 5/ cents / in trade - A-R-31, VF-XF

B5. John Brady’s/ (star)/ Parlor Bar/ San Antonio,/ Texas.// I.O.U./ ONE/DRINK-WM-R-30, VF

B6. High Grade / (whiskey bottle) // Swope & Mangold, Inc./ wholesale/ distributers./ sold by all/

dealers/ Dallas. - A-R-33mm (large) Fine